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T-shirt pre-orders are up!

Good news everyone!

Lokison Family by ~tarkheki on deviantART

Aesben by ~tarkheki on deviantART

For more info, click on the images.
To pre-order a shirt[s] at a special sale price, Go to my website: http://www.bernicegordon.com/Shop/preorder.html
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And here I go!

Alright dudes, I'm off!

BRB, Gone To Vancouver

See you in 5 months!

This means:
1) Commissions are officially CLOSED.
I have 3 folks I owe commissions to- you guys WILL get them- simply a little bit late [next week , or the week after].

2) Summer workshops HAVE BEEN CANCLED.
Because I have been whisked away, all the summer workshops at Dodem Kanonhsa's cultural facility will be canceled. I deeply regret any inconvenience this may have caused those who registered for the courses- however upon my return, I'll be hosting these workshops.
Stay tuned for those details.
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The problem with default

Well, I'm sick again.
Full blown, sick.
There had been a dry-patch in my throat for a couple of weeks now- ever since I was getting over the old Flu. Turns out, it was a breeding ground for a NEW Flu to come on in!
Lucky me.

However, this isn't the point of my post. Today I want to re-hash a topic that comes up constantly in my on-going life studies: When people think they know something by the matter of "default".
Let me explain:
All too often, when I was venturing to learn specific First Nations cultures in the last ten years, you come across someone who claims to know a cultural topic based on the fact that their grandmother/parent/distant relative was Native. They themselves are not within the community, they themselves do not speak the language or ever have been in contact with the culture- but they know simply as a matter of the fact that they are of [a very minor] ethnic origin.
Then, I came across version two of the above; those who ARE of a specific origin, and living within their ethnicity, and yet without the proper schooling claim to know and perpetuate really false concepts for the sole purpose of personal validation and popularity.
This post is about the latter.

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More bacies... more mroe bacies.

Well I'm sick again.
Is it any wonder?
This weather has been single-handedly murdering me.

BUT this time it isn't as bad as before- and I've been drinking like crazy... not going to let this one dwell. I have AC to worry about!
Which reminds me- last night? Nearly completed my shields... may I say, I am proud of the painting I did on them. XD

Off to clean the house and drink some tea!
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A squirrel... I am not match for a squirrel...

I was stolen from today.
You see, I was working on Shields for the Anthrocon convention [Rawhide pieces, suspended in a hoop]. As customary [and traditionally] I left them outside in the sun to dry off.
I had left out a variety of sizes- from 5” and 6” diameter hoops, to 1” diameter hoops.
As they were drying, I went into the kitchen to eat some lunch. Keeping close eye on my Shields form the window, since I worried that the gardener might come in and knock them over, or that someone might come by and take one.
My worst fears were realized.
I was eating my pickle when I see our resident fuzzy "short ears" [Squirrel] come by and casually inspect these intrusions to her [his?] territory. All to casually she inched closer and closer... before MAKING OFF WITH ONE OF MY SHIELDS!
She took a powder blue one, of the 1” diameter... small enough for her little jaw to make away with it!
So I was sitting there STUNNED in my kitchen… what was I going to do? Run outside and run up the tree to get her?
Clearly, she needed it to decorate her little tree nest or something.

I took the rest of them back into the house, and let them dry by the window in the living room.

I was robbed by a squirrel.
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All the way down.

Today I had my portion of good life served to me.
I was on the bus, on my way to Aikido, when 2 dudes sitting near me got up to leave [we all were- we got to the final station]. Both were wearing their pants, half way down their legs... typical "hood" style. Something which is a HUGE irritant to myself.
When suddenly, one of them gets up... and his pants DROPPED DOWN TOTALLY.
The dude scrambled to catch his pants and pull them up quickly, and I just couldn't contain myself... I said "Why bother? You kept them at half mass to show all of us your tiny pecker, might as well leave them on the ground."
I never saw to adolescent boys pull up their pants and buckled them PROPERLY faster IN MY LIFE.

Today, I lived.