June 11th, 2011

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The problem with default

Well, I'm sick again.
Full blown, sick.
There had been a dry-patch in my throat for a couple of weeks now- ever since I was getting over the old Flu. Turns out, it was a breeding ground for a NEW Flu to come on in!
Lucky me.

However, this isn't the point of my post. Today I want to re-hash a topic that comes up constantly in my on-going life studies: When people think they know something by the matter of "default".
Let me explain:
All too often, when I was venturing to learn specific First Nations cultures in the last ten years, you come across someone who claims to know a cultural topic based on the fact that their grandmother/parent/distant relative was Native. They themselves are not within the community, they themselves do not speak the language or ever have been in contact with the culture- but they know simply as a matter of the fact that they are of [a very minor] ethnic origin.
Then, I came across version two of the above; those who ARE of a specific origin, and living within their ethnicity, and yet without the proper schooling claim to know and perpetuate really false concepts for the sole purpose of personal validation and popularity.
This post is about the latter.

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