May 16th, 2011

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What a Weekend! :D

Dudes, DUDES.
I had the BEST weekend EVAR.

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Dudes, DUDES.
I had the BEST weekend EVAR.

<lj-user=foxfeather> and <lj-user=mbala> came up to my place for the weekend. If anything I have ALWAYS felt so in tune and aligned with the both of them, and it’s fantastic to be able to hang with people you consider family.
<lj-user=hewhowalkswithtigers> also joined the fun, and we all spent one excellent weekend in each other’s company- biggest highlight was going to the zoo together!
I can honestly say I haven’t had so much fun in a LONG time, and I am seriously looking forward to coming down and spending time over at Fox’s place.

That being said, Fox was great and advising me in promoting a graphic novel I have had in the works… and really suggested I start posting my concepts and other promotional stuff to gain some interest. So no doubt, That will be coming soon too.

I’m also considering doing a little “slave artist” thing for a couple of weeks in the summer. For $100, I draw your character every day in a new style/pose, fully colored and finished… if you want to substitute more sketches instead of color, also doable.

I'm working on designing some nifty little products for AC and my website... good thing too, 'cause today my CS5 Dreameaver came in the mail! It's about TIME. I have a little over a month worth of updats to my site, and I want to get all caught up.

Well, bakc to work for me. I am designing and it's fun and turning out surprisingly well!