April 22nd, 2011

guardian, protect

Surviving the Mayhem

The last couple of weeks were pure mayhem- but I survived.

After FE I had to dedicate 100% of my time to getting the Totem Pole done for the Opera- which was a huge success. Both Outfit and Stage prop were delivered on time and satisfactory, and were returned to myself after the performance.

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For the weekend, however, I’ll be working 12 hours days for double pay... Advance polls are all through the weekend, and that scores me a lot of finances over a small period of time. Good thing is, I can easily stay at the desk and work on my other projects while I instruct people where to go to Vote.

Aside from that, I’m still dealing with bad-sleep issues due to having my Irrational Fear Anxiety wake up. Looks as if a few people are trying to get me into a Waying [sp?] Ceremony to solve this little issue- however there are no Navajo ceremonies being conducted here, due to the lack of the Navajo facilitators. So I’m stuck with my Irrational Fear, and only words of guidance and wisdom from peers.
It’s amazing at the lack of productivity this creates, as most dead ends to this type of anxiety leads to “there is no point doing anything”... and it’s only magnified by certain female cycles that lead you to become very emotionally fluctuating. I’m hoping it’ll pass within a few days.
I seriously need sleep. XD