April 13th, 2011

guardian, protect

Now, for the curtain call, and performance!

Yesterday, my totem pole was delivered to the John Bassett theatre. There, I adhered both figures together, and submitted the wardrobe for “Black Eagle”.
Today- got my tickets for the event.

What can I say, it is an amazing experience that is leading into much more fun- when looking over the available ticket seats left, I noticed that the “Orchestra” tickets [the really snazzy up close portion] was nearly all sold out- with small pockets of maybe 2 or 3 seats left in the entire front half of the theatre.
Which can only mean that the back half... should be in the same situation. That’s a theatre of 1,330 nearly full!

Can we say pleased?

I am looking forward to this production immensely- everything from the furniture and lighting, to the selection of wardrobe... it’s all been wowing me over and over.

When I was on-stage helping set up the stages for the different acts, I was so close to breaking out in song. I’m glad I didn’t because I can barely carry a tune, and it would have been crazy embarrassing in front of everyone... but you can’t help it. It’s THEATER. It’s what you DO. XD

I now have a few projects lined up... including going to Buffalo next week to lecture at the University of Buffalo, arranging details for my mom’s surprise party, and multiple art projects that have been piling up!

I love being busy. XD