April 4th, 2011

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Summer Workshops

Good news everyone!
We have settled on the classes for the summer!!!

Blanket making
July: 5, 12, 19, 26

Summary: Student will be exposed to a variety of Aboriginal blanket styles and patterns, including techniques used in a variety of Indigenous cultures. After, they will conceive a design or pattern in the light of an ethnicity of choice, and bring it up to a finished product within the 4 weeks of the workshop.
A small fee of $15 for materials will need to be collected.

Week 1: Introduction to pattern and design- learning the styles and blankets of indigenous cultures, and their cultural importance. Students will select a style, and consider patterns reminiscent of that style for their own blanket.

Week 2: Students will draft patterns and begin to cut and apply their work. Stitch patterns as well as techniques will be taught to those who are ready to begin sewing. We will also consider thread colors and proper selection of materials to get the job done.

Week 3: Sewing workshop. Stitch patterns as well as techniques will be taught- all students should be sewing their patterns and designs.

Week 4: Blanket completion. In this class we will finish the blankets and display them We will discuss any problems, obstacles and symbolism each particular student encountered.

Mask making
August: 2, 9, 16, 23

Summary: Students will be exposed to the traditional techniques of mask making from various Indigenous cultures. Students will then reflect on the style of masks they wish to produce, and produce it as their in-class project.
A small fee of $15 for materials will need to be collected.

Week 1: Students will be exposed to a variety of mask styles from indigenous cultures around the world. They will be taught the fundamental cultural aspects of the Mask, and begin to design blue prints for their actual final design.

Week 2: Creating the basic mask. Upon selection of a full mask, or half mask, students will be encouraged to begin a “skeleton design”. They will begin to carve foam, or structure the base of the mask for further refinement.

Week 3: Mask construction workshop. Students will take class time to continue to evolve their design. All students should be creating their masks by this point. Students who are further along will paint their masks.

Week 4: Mask completion- including painting. Students will reflect on the process and discuss obstacles and symbolism behind their work.

All those interested in these classes, please call Dodem Kanonsha Cultural Facility to book your registration.
Limit of 20 people per workshop! So register early!
The workshop are hosted within the Toronto area- ST. Clair Ave.
Phone: (416)-952-9272
THERE IS NO FEE TO REGISTER! I only collect the small fee to cover materials, like the wools, textiles, foams, buttons, paints, etc. we will need for all the projects.

To find out more about Dodem Kanonsha, please visit: http://www.dodemkanonhsa.ca/index.htm