March 20th, 2011

Ded rukia

Sick update and recap

Let us recap the last few days shall we?

Friday I wake up with a Sinus infection/head cold. As I am making my way to the bank, and secretly cursing the bright sunlight of spring that is only agitating my eyes and sinus- I find a pair of sunglasses on the lawn of our house.
And not just ANY sunglasses. Apparently, they are Oakley's.
It isn't until Sat when I go into work [still sick] that my up-to-date on fashion and accessories co-worker inform me that those are the $200-$300 kind.

I spend Friday simply piddling about since I am sick [the day of proclamation], and started to work on a drawing I wanted to do for quite some time.

Sat, I went to work sick- and was greeted with the abundance of catastrophe as well as kindness. While things at work were NOT in order, all the attending Elders and Aunties that came about [and co-workers] were making sure I was keeping hydrated. I also became the center of remedial studies and exploits. Translation; everyone giving me something to help cure my infection.
Co-worker 1 made a breakfast run for me, while co-worker 2 paid for it- I got a breakfast sandwich [eggs and bacon] with peppermint tea. Won a free Donut from the tea, and passed that along to another Elder for her kids.
And Elder decided I needed a big spoon full of Bear Oil [Like Fish oil except it comes from a Bear] to give me all the vitamins I would need- and since I had previous experience with Bear oil, was reluctant [tastes horrible] but accepted it since I want to get better ASAP. He stated "Now you can tell people you got some Bear in you!" Yes. Yes I can.
After, Co-worker number 2 brings me Fruitopia for vitamins.
Youth department brings me Tuna sandwiches from their gathering [on whole wheat because they know I "don't' do the white flour tuff"].
Then another Elder [A Seer] who was orchestrating the Equinox and Feasting of the Sacred Items came and gave me fruit from the feast.

I also passed along to Dodem Kanonhsa [cultural facility] that this summer I'll be orchestrating 2 workshops that are FREE FOR ALL to attend; Blanket Making and Mask Making. Coincidentally, a former student from last year's workshop came by the center, and was excited at the prospect of the blanket making.

I then went home to spend the evening drinking tea [ and other tonics, courtesy of the Elders] and working on my image more- and turned in at a whopping 10:30 pm to sleep abundantly.
Mom comes home at 11:30 pm to find me passed out in a pool of my own drool [this is a constant, actually].

This morning I wake up to be feeling somewhat better- a whole whopping 12 hours later. Mom tells me that our local bun-bun [rabbit] was outside again, under our tree last night! So I set out some tobacco and some lettuce and carrots [tobacco not by the food, I spread those on the bushes opposite the tree].

As of now, I am in front of this here copmutron, and working away. I am suffering from congestion AND a nasal drip ALL at the same time! Go me!
So all in all- it's under control. And the universe seems to be looking out for me and throwing me a bone here and there. XD