March 3rd, 2011

icon, mandela, wolfmoon


I guess I can make it official now:
I was hired by a local Opera Theater group to design and cloth the lead actor in the upcoming performance of "Rose Marie"!!!!
Not only that, but I also get to design and carve the totem pole prop for the stage set, and do some artwork as well!

I'm beyond excited and elated at this opportunity... my family have always been the avid theater goers, and now I actually get to participate IN the theater business as well!

For those interested in purchasing tickets, or reading up about the group, go to:

I'll be asking if I can post my concepts and art on the internet prior to the first showing in April. If so, expect some neat artwork to go up soon! I just have to wait on a copy of Dreamweaver so that I can update my site again. Legal, of course. XD