January 31st, 2011

wolf, mask

Injured in a funny way....

Last night, my body woke me up.
Apparently, my narrow jaw that doesn't allow my tongue to fit in my mouth entirely- decided to get in the way of my teeth. In a nutshell; I was biting down so hard on my front bottom left side of my inner mouth and cheek, there was blood pouring from my mouth onto my bed. My bite becomes 9 times stronger when I sleep, and it already is 4 times stronger then the average human [as the dental specialist conveyed to me]. So, I have a self inflicted war wound, that makes me eat SOOOO awkwardly now.

I can't even have anything done about it, asides from getting a mouth guard when I sleep. And trying to sleep with that was an unsuccessful ordeal- I kept spitting it out when I slept.
They offered me- and I kid you not- a type of interior mouth guard designed for dogs, as to fit my "irregularly narrow" mouth.

I think I'll start sleeping with a sock in my mouth.