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De-clutter and re-orginization

I returned home about 7 hours ago.
After having a quick dinner, I have been de-clutteirng and cleaning while everyone is asleep.
Living 6 months on bare bones makes you rethink how much "stuff" you actually NEED or WANT. While I'm starting to burn out, my room is still in heaps of unorganized clothing.

I've already piled 3 piles of toys:
Pile 1 will be donated immediately to toy drives for the Christmas season. These toys are still with tags and/or in their boxes never unwrapped. Gonna make some little tykes happy.
Pile 2 are toys that no longer have tags, have wear and tear, and/or old toys that hold no real sentimental value. These will be donates to Value Village.
Pile 3 are all anime related toys I can sell at the Anime Flea Market cometh May. The smallest of the piles, but I still can make some cash-back on them.

As for the cloths- I left them in organized piles downstairs. I don't know what mom's initial reaction to all this will be- maybe she'll try and pursway me to keep some of my stuff, maybe not. Either way, let's face it: I have had clothing in my cupboard that I haven't worn in YEARS. If she wants somehting, she can have it. If not, it's going to Value Village!

I wish I could go on.. but I don't have any coat-hangers left to hang some of my hoodies, and since it's a domino reaction, I won't be able to continue until I have them. So it's 6 am, and I guess I'm going to shower and then to bed. :)
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