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18 December 2011 @ 05:51 am
De-clutter and re-orginization  
I returned home about 7 hours ago.
After having a quick dinner, I have been de-clutteirng and cleaning while everyone is asleep.
Living 6 months on bare bones makes you rethink how much "stuff" you actually NEED or WANT. While I'm starting to burn out, my room is still in heaps of unorganized clothing.

I've already piled 3 piles of toys:
Pile 1 will be donated immediately to toy drives for the Christmas season. These toys are still with tags and/or in their boxes never unwrapped. Gonna make some little tykes happy.
Pile 2 are toys that no longer have tags, have wear and tear, and/or old toys that hold no real sentimental value. These will be donates to Value Village.
Pile 3 are all anime related toys I can sell at the Anime Flea Market cometh May. The smallest of the piles, but I still can make some cash-back on them.

As for the cloths- I left them in organized piles downstairs. I don't know what mom's initial reaction to all this will be- maybe she'll try and pursway me to keep some of my stuff, maybe not. Either way, let's face it: I have had clothing in my cupboard that I haven't worn in YEARS. If she wants somehting, she can have it. If not, it's going to Value Village!

I wish I could go on.. but I don't have any coat-hangers left to hang some of my hoodies, and since it's a domino reaction, I won't be able to continue until I have them. So it's 6 am, and I guess I'm going to shower and then to bed. :)
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Foxfeather: Night Sky Foxfoxfeather on December 18th, 2011 05:00 pm (UTC)
I've been working to simplify my life massively over the last few years - I went from a lifetime of being a packrat to now really only-keep-it-if-I-need-it attitude. It was a hard change at first but I'm much happier now. I have a curio with my zuni fetishes and skulls in it and many bookcases - really those three things are the only things I collect, everything else was ruthlessly trimmed.
One thing that worked SUPER well for me was to do 'grab bags'. I got a ton of paper bags (small to big grocery store sized) and priced them from $5-25. I stuffed them with random things (old electronics, CDs, kitchen gadgets, random knicknacks, plushes, etc.) I included an original sketch (super sketchy scrap stuff I normally toss but nice things nonetheless) to make sure people felt they got their money's worth on bags $10 or more. They FLEW off my table at cons, literally. I got rid of an entire massive VAN full of stuff that way - and made some decent money back off of it. I'm literally out of stuff to grab bag now - I made my last run at MFF and like usual the 40+ bags I brought were totally gone the first day of the con. A few of my friends have done it as well and its worked fantastically. People were so enamored by my stuff (one man's trash...) that many people came back and bought more bags. They laughed and laughed at some of the stuff in it. We have some pretty funny stories from various reactions. :) It's also a great way to rehome old prints/art stock you haven't been able to move, or slightly damaged stuff that is still nice but you wouldn't sell. Anyways, I don't have anything against donating things (I took a ton of clothes to goodwill and other charity places!) - but it's an idea how to recoup some cash on stuff not worth selling individually if you're interested!
gishkishenh: lovegishkishenh on December 20th, 2011 06:17 pm (UTC)
That idea is STUPENDOUS!
Sadly, it's not one I can facilitate, as most of my donatables are either large stuffed animals, or clothing. However, I am going to keep it in mind when/if I get to smaller things. Specifically, the basement zone- where a lot of the smaller items reside.

I agree- it IS hard to change at first... but since returning I seem to be more likely to say "get rid of it" then "maybe not". In fact, my "relapse" mode only got me to save ONE t-shirt. From a stock pile of them. So I'm looking optimistic!
In fact, I now have a change in decor in my room to include my 2 drums on my wall. The change is welcome too- as some of the old stuff was long overdue for recycling. <3
Eric "Kuba" Ashwalkswithtigers on December 18th, 2011 09:30 pm (UTC)
Going to Asia brought be the same attitude toward stuff. Now, I only really find myself hoarding things meaningful to me like artwork and souvenirs from my travels.
gishkishenh: guardiangishkishenh on December 20th, 2011 06:18 pm (UTC)
It's a nice change of attitude, and considering I am also an artist- it gives me more fulfillment and accomplishment to create something form scratch that is far more attuned to the things and concepts I like.
I'm going into massive mask-making mode after this, I just know it!