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Tarot Project resumed! And some info about On-line tutorial courses.

Star Wars Tarot- resuming project!

So here's something of a fun looking forward to.
I got quit the few patrons to my Star Wars Tarot deck project. A project I had to put on a MASSIVE hold for a studio contract, and now that that has finished, I can resume.
I'm desperately looking forward to continuing with the set. I have wanted to start on a specific card for quite some time now, and then had another 2 I knew how I wanted to approach. So ultimately, when I return to Toronto for the holidays, I'll be starting on one of those for sure.

I also had a few people inquire about purchasing a set. The answer is the same at all times: Copyright infringement, don't wanna go to prison. However, I was also advised that I could sell a few prints of a few of the cards and hat would be OK. So ultimately, when the deck is complete, I'll probably hold a voting on which of the cards people want as prints.

Asides from that, "I don't know what to do with myself" from all the excitement. I have so many projects begging for my attention, and I'm going to try and sort out all my time accordingly. Both my graphic novels need DIRE attention, as their production halted as well, and then my wood carving is sitting in my basement in an unidentifiable lump because it was cut short too. The first day back will see me running around like a dog chasing its tail. For serious.

On-line Layout tutorials and courses
I'm also considering to host a series of on-line tutorials in Layout. Something SORELY missing in a lost of the images I see on various websites, is that people draw the same old characters... floating in the same old blank white space of flat colored BG. As someone who deals with Layout and Design as a constant employment venue, this bothers me- a good part of the storytelling COMES from the layout.

The courses would last 1 month each, and would take you from beginner, to intermediate, to advanced, and teach you the fundamentals of layout, as well as the production process in an animation studio. The course would be a weekly lecture, plus going over EVERYONE'S homework in an on-line critique- so that everyone has a chance to learn as much as they can from everyone else as well.
The cost would be $160 for the one month. This would include the lectures, the homework assignments, and critiques.

I'm checking for the interest level, as if there is some shown I will post the course outline for every level, and set the date to begin at the 3rd week of January.

And until then, I'll be dealing with some freelance I have gotten.

Talk to me folks!
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