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I am once again in the land of the internet.

Friday was the last day of my contract.
I have to say with utmost certainty, that this studio experience was the BEST I have EVER had in my life. I walked away with so many awesome new friends, and a lovely archive of 2D experience and practice. It definitely will remain a peek creative and experience that colors my life so much more worth while.

However, now that I no longer have that obligation, I find myself with: a lot more free time! So today I went around to visit some water-holes I have here out in the west coast. I meet up with a good friend of First Nations decent, and we were just trading stories about the last year or so. What highlighted the day more was that I was also introduced to another First Nation individual who happened to be a silver carver and jewelry maker.
While the entire event was such a wholesome one for me, it really took a turn for the greatest when I departed with a "thank you" to the artist in Ojibway... and he said "Wow, so you know the ChiMeegwitch?" I returned and we began chatting in Ojibway. It was fantastic! You can imagine that the language isn't a popular one to hear, never the less in the West Coast... point in a nutshell, I found the fellow that will make me the silver bracelet I had designed, and it will be for my big 30th birthday. I am BEYOND elated.

Asides from this, I will no doubt return to the land of the internet and postings as my time has now become more available. I have a big fair to attend next weekend- and I'll be selling my crafts there as well.

On a sad note, this week is the last week I'll be attending lessons at the Scandinavian Center, as it's the end for the semester, and our dear teacher is moving to Sweden. On a good note, my old teacher in Toronto will be hooking me up with local lessons there!

I also urge anyone who follows my journal to head on over to my website. Over the last few weeks I had put up some items for pre-order [t-shirts, hoodies, etc] so that you can get them in reduced prices! After, they go to full price. :)

Cheers guys! Say in touch!
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