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All the way down.

Today I had my portion of good life served to me.
I was on the bus, on my way to Aikido, when 2 dudes sitting near me got up to leave [we all were- we got to the final station]. Both were wearing their pants, half way down their legs... typical "hood" style. Something which is a HUGE irritant to myself.
When suddenly, one of them gets up... and his pants DROPPED DOWN TOTALLY.
The dude scrambled to catch his pants and pull them up quickly, and I just couldn't contain myself... I said "Why bother? You kept them at half mass to show all of us your tiny pecker, might as well leave them on the ground."
I never saw to adolescent boys pull up their pants and buckled them PROPERLY faster IN MY LIFE.

Today, I lived.
Tags: aikido, fun, humor, life

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