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Today I was watching “Balto 2” with some of the Elders because their grandkids were attending a summer camp at the NCC, and the kids wanted to watch a cartoon movie.
During the movie, the Elders were wondering why in God’s name does an animal need an “animal spirit guardian”. I then proceeded to tell them “Better a Sparkle Dog”. To which they asked, “What’s a sparkle dog?”
I showed them.
I have never seen old people laugh so hard in my life.


I’m currently working on 4 button blankets. One of them I’m simply putting Final touches on, as I have been working on it periodically for months… the other 3 are smaller ones, 2 for trade and one for a wedding gift.
I’m hoping to get 2 of the smaller ones DONE by this weekend… considering they are all hand sewn, it’s a doozy of work, but it’s doable. I want to knock them off so that I can clear my plate and start on 2 large simultaneous large projects.


By the end of the summer I am going to open my commissions again… and specifically offer some awesome badges for sale. Can’t wait to get on those too! I am having some major inspiration attacks, and literally not enough time to do it all!

I’m going to make a list. XD
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