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And the award for Frazzled goes to...

Today’s work day is vetoed.. VETOED!
I was staying up late yesterday finishing one of the paintings for AC… and so I got up late today, and ran errands. And then had to run them again because I forgot stuff at home… and well, don’t ask. XD

So I’ll take this day to work on my computer oriented projects, as well as fill you guys in on some COOL happening.

Anthrocon Panel Confirmed
For starters, I have been CONFIRMED at Anthrocon as hosting a Panel:

Panel Name: Animals and Aboriginal Culture
Panelist: Bernice Gordon
Day/Time: Saturday, 8:30pm - 10:30pm
Room: Westmoreland
Many people in the furry fandom seek aboriginal knowledge and culture in order to decipher and relate to the natural world- like animals- around us. This invaluable knowledge is widely spread in the art and furry culture- being depicted and used as a base for spiritual and entertainment content. However it isn't always correct. My panel would cover a number of topics that would include: Fact from Fiction- what stereotypes are false and what is perpetuated in the Indigenous cultures? Animal symbolism- learn what symbols are use in aboriginals cultures and their meanings. Art- with so many styles of art, how can one tell which culture it comes from? Q&A Session- letting the audience freely ask questions in regard to the discussed material, and all relating matters to Aboriginal culture. During the lecture there will be a display of some culturally specific items (animal related of course), and explanations of their use within the culture.

I will be bringing along some carvings and other kinds of aboriginal items… only those that won’t be confiscate from me at the border that is. So sadly, I won’t be able to bring some of the items I was planning on, like the turtle rattle, or some pelts. However, my button blanket will be in attendance.

Visiting my Buds, and watching Dr. Who
Over the weekend I went over to wulfea’s place, and Kelly and Anne-Marie all watched the Episode of Dr. Who that featured Bill Nigh… because I love that man. And even more so after seeing him in Underworld.
Well, guess what? Tony Curran was also in the episode. In fact, he was Van Gogh … the main episodic character.
So I freaked out. I came for Viktor, and got Marcus as well. Right at the end, Van Gogh kisses the Museum official on his cheek... basically, “Marcus” kisses “Viktor” on the cheeks. Here in disclosed a gif of this:

Now, maybe it’s me being a fangirl... and please feel free to call me on it…but I have watch A LOT of Bill’s work, and noticed that ONLY in Underworld he does this annoyed “click mouth thing” as Viktor- specifically when he is upset or perturbed at something. It’s almost comical in the way Viktor is so over-the-top in his physical expression.
Now, after the scene where Van Gogh kisses the curator… Bill does the EXACT same irritated mouth click thing. So… do you think he did that because he KNEW the context most people will remember is Underworld? Or am I reading too much into this?
I’d like to believe it was.

And on that topic, I have to show off something that was made for me by my BFF kaotic_sanity… BEHOLD, MY VERY OWN HYBRID MICHAEL!

kaotic_sanity who is the EPIDIMAY OF AWESOME heard my LAMENTATIONS of being Michael-less.. and made me one of my very own. Notice the big beads black eyes, two little teeth and adorable plump? All the qualities I look for in a werewolf. So I had to pimp this out and say GIVE HER AWESOME HOMAGE!

So off to preparing the presentations, tonight. Hopefully, I'll post again with some fun links or something later. :)
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