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Saw this on a friend's page- wanted to post here too!@

Anyone know why I can't actively select and change my Avatar on someone else's post? it always defaults to my original one.
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Review for Underworld 4- contians spoilers.

At most, this movie is a 6 out of 10

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On a personal level: I thought I would be pleased so long as Michael and Selene were together, and still battling the world with a semblance of equality between them- something that few films and even fewer in this genre would support and reflect [Monogamous couple? Believable female lead? Equality between the husband and wife? Seriously, no movie out there like this]. Sadly, while this remians somewhat in tact, the execution of this 4rth movie was so poor that I feel nothign for it, nor any seuqals to be birthed as a result. Another wonderful example of folks who needed to quite while they were a head.

On one last note: Scott Speedman, get your ass back into this series before they try and conjure up another 2 horrible movies trying to avoid participation of the main male lead... the stand in is cute and convincing at a glance, but it's killing the franchise.
On the other hand, you might be right in avoiding this inevitable disaster.... but at least we can see our familiar characters in said disaster.
I will cry tears. Salty salty tears.
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I have a confession.
I am a pastaholic.
I can have pasta EVERY single day of my life- and never tire of it. In fact, these past few nights I have been comforting myself with bowls of fusilli pasta, dowsed with crushed tomato sauce and cheese.
Tonight, after being in lack of tomato sauce, I actually used some V8 cocktail to pour over my pasta. And it was like a strange pasta tomato soup.
And I was happy.
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More on the Great Purge

I am hereby making a vow.
I shall buy nothing- NOTHING- for the next 6 months.
And I'm not talking about food and necessity- I'm talking about all the crap that you don't need. Clothing is ok so long as I use it. Books are always welcome- knowledge is invaluable.
Everything else, however, is not even an option.
I want to try and live my life without baggage. Like the emotional kind, I want to put that in physicality as well.
I produce my mind through art and carvings. Things that can go BACK to nature after it's life has passed. I don't want plastic things that will outlive me and kill every other thing on this planet.
I don't want to contribute to the giant hoards floating in the Atlantic. I don't want to be on of 7 BILLION of a stupid species that needs to fill it's space with empty stupid things in order to think it is important. I want to be like every other creature ASIDES from the human species. I want to be something that perpetuates nature and the natural order. I want to know that my most valuable goods are the ones that I carry in my head. The Languages, the Oral Traditions, the Martial Arts, the European Sword Fighting, how to plant plants, to ruminate about old scripture and the written words, and all the little secrets the stories have to tell us.

I did keep some of the old things. Some of the things that remind me of pinicle moments of my life. Asides from them, I do not want to ADD anything to my "collections".
For the next 6 months, I live like the things I hold most dear: I live in Balance and Harmony with Myself.
Lets see if this works.
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De-clutter and re-orginization

I returned home about 7 hours ago.
After having a quick dinner, I have been de-clutteirng and cleaning while everyone is asleep.
Living 6 months on bare bones makes you rethink how much "stuff" you actually NEED or WANT. While I'm starting to burn out, my room is still in heaps of unorganized clothing.

I've already piled 3 piles of toys:
Pile 1 will be donated immediately to toy drives for the Christmas season. These toys are still with tags and/or in their boxes never unwrapped. Gonna make some little tykes happy.
Pile 2 are toys that no longer have tags, have wear and tear, and/or old toys that hold no real sentimental value. These will be donates to Value Village.
Pile 3 are all anime related toys I can sell at the Anime Flea Market cometh May. The smallest of the piles, but I still can make some cash-back on them.

As for the cloths- I left them in organized piles downstairs. I don't know what mom's initial reaction to all this will be- maybe she'll try and pursway me to keep some of my stuff, maybe not. Either way, let's face it: I have had clothing in my cupboard that I haven't worn in YEARS. If she wants somehting, she can have it. If not, it's going to Value Village!

I wish I could go on.. but I don't have any coat-hangers left to hang some of my hoodies, and since it's a domino reaction, I won't be able to continue until I have them. So it's 6 am, and I guess I'm going to shower and then to bed. :)
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I like it.

Certificate: Test results

Which Jedi Are You?

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For 31 % you are: You are Obi Wan Kenobi.

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Take this quiz: Which Jedi Are You?

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Tarot Project resumed! And some info about On-line tutorial courses.

Star Wars Tarot- resuming project!

So here's something of a fun looking forward to.
I got quit the few patrons to my Star Wars Tarot deck project. A project I had to put on a MASSIVE hold for a studio contract, and now that that has finished, I can resume.
I'm desperately looking forward to continuing with the set. I have wanted to start on a specific card for quite some time now, and then had another 2 I knew how I wanted to approach. So ultimately, when I return to Toronto for the holidays, I'll be starting on one of those for sure.

I also had a few people inquire about purchasing a set. The answer is the same at all times: Copyright infringement, don't wanna go to prison. However, I was also advised that I could sell a few prints of a few of the cards and hat would be OK. So ultimately, when the deck is complete, I'll probably hold a voting on which of the cards people want as prints.

Asides from that, "I don't know what to do with myself" from all the excitement. I have so many projects begging for my attention, and I'm going to try and sort out all my time accordingly. Both my graphic novels need DIRE attention, as their production halted as well, and then my wood carving is sitting in my basement in an unidentifiable lump because it was cut short too. The first day back will see me running around like a dog chasing its tail. For serious.

On-line Layout tutorials and courses
I'm also considering to host a series of on-line tutorials in Layout. Something SORELY missing in a lost of the images I see on various websites, is that people draw the same old characters... floating in the same old blank white space of flat colored BG. As someone who deals with Layout and Design as a constant employment venue, this bothers me- a good part of the storytelling COMES from the layout.

The courses would last 1 month each, and would take you from beginner, to intermediate, to advanced, and teach you the fundamentals of layout, as well as the production process in an animation studio. The course would be a weekly lecture, plus going over EVERYONE'S homework in an on-line critique- so that everyone has a chance to learn as much as they can from everyone else as well.
The cost would be $160 for the one month. This would include the lectures, the homework assignments, and critiques.

I'm checking for the interest level, as if there is some shown I will post the course outline for every level, and set the date to begin at the 3rd week of January.

And until then, I'll be dealing with some freelance I have gotten.

Talk to me folks!
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I am once again in the land of the internet.

Friday was the last day of my contract.
I have to say with utmost certainty, that this studio experience was the BEST I have EVER had in my life. I walked away with so many awesome new friends, and a lovely archive of 2D experience and practice. It definitely will remain a peek creative and experience that colors my life so much more worth while.

However, now that I no longer have that obligation, I find myself with: a lot more free time! So today I went around to visit some water-holes I have here out in the west coast. I meet up with a good friend of First Nations decent, and we were just trading stories about the last year or so. What highlighted the day more was that I was also introduced to another First Nation individual who happened to be a silver carver and jewelry maker.
While the entire event was such a wholesome one for me, it really took a turn for the greatest when I departed with a "thank you" to the artist in Ojibway... and he said "Wow, so you know the ChiMeegwitch?" I returned and we began chatting in Ojibway. It was fantastic! You can imagine that the language isn't a popular one to hear, never the less in the West Coast... point in a nutshell, I found the fellow that will make me the silver bracelet I had designed, and it will be for my big 30th birthday. I am BEYOND elated.

Asides from this, I will no doubt return to the land of the internet and postings as my time has now become more available. I have a big fair to attend next weekend- and I'll be selling my crafts there as well.

On a sad note, this week is the last week I'll be attending lessons at the Scandinavian Center, as it's the end for the semester, and our dear teacher is moving to Sweden. On a good note, my old teacher in Toronto will be hooking me up with local lessons there!

I also urge anyone who follows my journal to head on over to my website. Over the last few weeks I had put up some items for pre-order [t-shirts, hoodies, etc] so that you can get them in reduced prices! After, they go to full price. :)

Cheers guys! Say in touch!